Fathers are worried about cattle and other resources for living. Mothers are worried about their houses, fathers (husbands), children, future, how to pay bills, how to cook, relatives’ condition, and many more. Boys are still able to joke and laugh, telling how brave they go back and forth between emergency shelter and homes to watch houses and cattle. Girls are entrusted children by their parents.

What about children? Well, they are ‘just’:

ß Confused: What happens, why are we not home? Why are there so many healthy people fed like sick people?

ß Worried about their most valuable things: What about my bicycle? Is my doll alright?

Questioning a lot but still lost in the way: I want to ask about many things but why do all adults busy with other matters?

Ganis, koordinator Pos Bermain Anak

Ganis, koordinator Pos Bermain Anak

That is a little description about situation in emergency shelter around Merapi.
ICBC, working with youth in Kepuharjo, Cangkringan, Sleman, Yogyakarta, will give more attention to the children. We will open ‘a Children’s Playing Center’, a place for children are amused with kinds of games. They are also able to ask things and will be answered with full attention.

Please support these activities!
How to participate:
1. be volunteers.
2. share link of this note/article to lot of friends as possible.
3. donate children books and playthings (toys).
4. donate fund for buying playthings (toys) and printing leaflet on how to deal with children in emergency shelter.

The Children Play Center will be opened soon in one of emergency shelters around Merapi. Pray for us.

For further information, contact <icbc_jogja@yahoo.com>.
We will keep updating the information on these activities.

Bank account details:


Bank: BNI Cab. Sutoyo, Yogyakarta.

Account No. 0145014804.


Jalan Ki Mangunsarkoro 27,

Kel. Gunung ketur,

Kec. Pakualaman

Yogyakarta 55111.

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