A Ball Pool At The Emergency Shelter

While we were building the children’s play center, a young kid came to help and a woman asked: are we going to have a ‘ball pool”? Wow!!! A great idea! We initially planned to use this tent as a mini-library and a place to temporarily store our toys. So there we were with the dome tent which would still function as we had originally planned, but we also though of building a pile of balls to form the ‘pool”.

Bergembira seperti ini di pengungsian? Tentu saja bisa!

Bergembira seperti ini di pengungsian? Tentu saja bisa!

Update on the “Children’s Play Center”. Day 1, Saturday, 30 October 2010.

Organised by ICBC in collaboration wth the youth of Kepuharjo, Cangkringan, Sleman.

Located at the shelter in the village of Kepuharjo, 15 km from the peak of Mount Merapi.

dpn barak biru

This was our second visit. The first one was on Wednesday, 27 October 2010, where the team Ganis, Agus, and Titis of the ICBC team and two local partners, Heri and Rizky, made an assessment and the idea of setting up a children’s play center emerged.

(ki-ka) relawan ICBC: Ika, Dian. Remaja Kepuh: Heri, Risna.

(ki-ka) relawan ICBC: Ika, Dian. Remaja Kepuharjo: Heri, Risna.

Ganis, koordinator Pos Bermain Anak

Ganis, koordinator Pos Bermain Anak

After scouting for the location, we decided to build the center on the playgrounds of the SMKN 1 Cangkringan school. Most of those in the shelter were under-five children.

The main emergency shelter is actually located across the school, but there was already a ‘fun school’ (Sekolah Gembira) organised by Santana (Santri Tanggap Bencana) targetted towards school-aged children . So we decided to open a play center for underfives.

Besides ICBC there were 3 other organisations dealing with underfive children, i.e. HIMPAUDI Sleman, Dinas Pendidikan Non-formal Semarang, and Yayasan Taufid-Waroeng Group.

HIMPAUDI consists of kindergarten teachers who are residents of Cangkringan with dailoy programs which start at 3 p.m. Dinas Pendidikan Semarang provides toys and musican instruments for children, but will only be there until Sunday, 31 October 2010, leaving all the toys and instruments behind. Ganis is planning to meet both HIMPAUDI & the Dinas so that the toys and instuments can be handed over to HIMPAUDI who are local residents anyway.

Yayasan Taufid collaborates with Waroeng Group (a well-known steak restaurant chain in Yogyakarta) to provide meals with story telling activities, but they were only there fro the day.

Interesting to note, but not so pleasant to see, is that there were some volunteers who came to visit only for publicity and image building. They would usually do very minimal activities, such as distributing milk, while having pictures taken, then leave. Some of the volunteers even eat the food provided for the survivors


'this dome tent will be our playing corner, guys!'

'this dome tent will be our playing corner, guys!'

Upon coordination with other parties, ICBC has decided to build a Children’s Play Center with the following concept:


Targetted to children and women. The library will also provide toys all day long.

VOLUNTEERS NEEDED to manage the library and to accompany those who are reading or anyone who needs to chit-chat. At the time being the library is being organised by the youth of Kepuharjo.

ALSO NEEDED: reading materials, particularly children’s books (with pictures, of course), novels, teen magazines, and women’s magazines

2. MORNING GAMES (9.00 – 12.00).

Targeted towards children underfive.

VOLUNTEERS NEEDED to facilitate games.

ALSO NEEDED: fresh, creative ideas to provide games with educational added-values, and toys of course.

3. Understanding children’s perception of disaster (a simple psychological study will be conducted while playing with the children)

Subjects are chidlren underfive up to 12 years old.

VOLUNTEERS NEEDED to collect data while playing with the children in a fun manner and treating the child with respect.

4. Discussions with local mothers on communicating with children.

Targetted towards women with children under 12 years old.

Leaflets on parenting and communication skills will be distributed first, followed by discussions

VOLUNTEERS NEEDED to facilitate discussions lead by Ganis.

VOLUNTEERS NEEDED to design leaflets

FUNDS NEEDED to print leaflets.

VOLUNTEERS NEEDED to chit-chat with the women who need to ventilate.

Please support us .

Bank account details:

Bank: Bank Negara Indonesia (BNI) Cab. Sutoyo, Yogyakarta.
Account No. 0145014804.

Jalan Ki Mangunsarkoro 27,
Kel. Gunung ketur, Kec. Pakualaman Yogyakarta 55111.

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