Support Us!

a. As an Advisor. If you are more competent than ICBC personnel in certain area of expertise and are willing to share it, ICBC invites you to join our Board of Advisors.

b. As a Donator. If you want to donate funds, books, or other assets, ICBC invites you to be a Full Donator or Partial Donator. Full Donator: if assets you donated are never going to be returned whatsoever. Partial Donator: if assets you donated will be returned in an equal or lower value according to agreement.

c. As an Investor. If you want to give funds or other assets, and you want it to be returned in a higher value according to agreement, ICBC invites you to be our investor.

d. As a Collaborator. Cooperate eith us to work on issues related to our area of activities. Together, we will achive more.